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2020-09-23 00:32

AGT Acts- First Round Scoring Directions

 Thing To consider when scoring:

 I have provided a grid below showing how to assign a score. You also have a section to indicate your top 10 choices. These are your predictions for the finalists, and should only be assigned to acts you are prepared to champion/ fight for.


Please also remember:

  • These auditions were not expected to be professional grade. Please disregard video/sound quality and assess more on the basis on the talent presented and entertainment factor.
  • We have a diverse workforce and as a result are a seeking a diverse range of talents and participants. Whilst you may not be familiar with the strength of talent demonstrated in say Indian dancing/singing auditions, this in itself is not a reason to decline. Think about what the entire Seattle workforce may want to see, not just you.
  • We do not want to have all singers/ all dances etc, although this represents the bulk of applications. It is fine to have several that overlap, but please ensure you are offering fair consideration to all acts.
  • First and foremost this is an entertainment program – the success of this event is dependent upon our audience enjoying what they see so we need to make sure our selections are entertaining to watch and hear.

Scoring Guidelines:


We would be doing a disservice to this person’s professional credibility by including


Not Entertaining/ degree of talent is not sufficient to include


Borderline but leaning towards a no, could be filler


Unique/ Standout talent- Requires direction but should definitely progress to next round


Really Entertaining, Strong possibility of making it to the finals


We will be providing direction to all acts ahead of the live auditions. Please record and share any thoughts you have re;

  • Improvements needed
  • Recommended song choices, genres
  • Choreography
  • Styling
  • Potential for collaboration with others acts (say we have a x number of dancers that alone are mediocre but together could be great).
  • Health and safety risks or staging complications you foresee.

During the available period, talent submission and voting will occur, and access to view performances or to enter the contest will be predetermined by team moderators, with those controls put in place by Bunchful.

After initial votes are in, the top 10 performers in each category will move on to the semifinals, which will give voters one week to choose the winner of each category and two runners-up.

This service will offer 3 core elements:

  1. Employees will be able to register and upload videos and /or photos of their talents and submit to the competition with a required checkmark agreement that the works are authentically theirs.
  2. Employees will be able to register and vote for their top performers in each category, and will be limited to one vote for each category. They will be able to comment and share with others who are eligible to access the site.
  3. All performers who advance to the semi-finals will be given an additional opportunity to submit additional material for the final round in each of the categories in which they formerly entered.

To be included with final deliverables: when the contest concludes, all activities, including rich media (videos, photos, comments, and tally of votes) will be provided to team moderators in the form of a digital download.  If desired, Bunchful can maintain these records on its systems with an additional maintenance fee and be made available for future replay and redeployment by team moderators.

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